A campsite nestled along the coastline in an unspoilt natural environment

A Camping that filled the gap.

A dream holiday… Is it possible? To begin with, a dream destination certainly exists. At Bale-Valle, white sandy beaches on a 6 mile-long coastline coexist with lush and pristine greenery. Here, in close contact with the natural environment, Mon Perin has built a dream campsite.

Spending a holiday at Bale-Valle means experiencing first-hand the rebirth of a charming place and rediscovering the treasures of its local area.

The idea, which entails collective interests and forms of participation, stemmed from a primary need to revive the fortune of a town that risked losing the importance it deserves and soon became a business project characterised by far-reaching economic implications and having a significant social impact.

For many years, Camping Mon Perin has been put aside, despite the potential of its local area.

A project of rebirth.

In 2004, to respond to this criticism, the Bale-Valle Citizens’ Association was founded with the aim of rediscovering this part of the coast and making it more appealing to tourists, without undermining local interests; a project providing a shared and harmonious development. That gave rise to the Mon Perin Citizens’ Association, a reality that assists the Municipality in making decisions for the good of the local community.

Landscaping works kicked off: Mon Perin set up a rocky and shingle beach to make the sea water even more crystal clear. Moreover, it developed pet-friendly areas, making your 4-legged friends always welcome.

Surrounded by Mediterranean-type maquis vegetation, the accommodation units are situated just a few steps away from the sea. Thus, a place has been developed that meets the demands of guests, while ensuring that the unspoilt natural environment is respected at all times. There is even a small road train that travels through the campsite and takes visitors to different spots. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated through the number of on-site EV charging points which keep growing every year.

To opt for Mon Perin means to experience a sustainable holiday, delight in its truly genuine scents and explore its pristine natural environment.

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