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Paleo Park

The place where fun meets history meets wellness

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The amusement park that takes you back in time

Paleo Park was inspired by an archaeological site on Bale’s coast. A water and edutainment park, where you’ll discover the dinosaurs that roamed this areas, have fun with our entertainment, relax by the pool and celebrate your special occasions.

An area that is perfectly blended in with the surrounding natural heritage.

The Park will welcome you starting from 13th May 2023 – 23th September 2023



Even on holidays, all children learn something when they come to Paleo Park. Around the park, you can admire many different species of dinosaurs, find out what they ate and understand their evolution. A fun and educational walk. In addition, you can take a close look at some replicas of bones that were found in this area of Croatian Istria and preserved in sand boxes.

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Paleo Park regenerates you. While the kids have fun with our entertainment and games, the adults can relax in the sunbathing area, enjoy a dip in the pool and a snack in our refreshment points. Shopping? Have fun with all the cups, stuffed animals, puzzles and all the other Paleo Park souvenirs.

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3 Swimming Pools and 1 Jacuzzi

An adult-only swimming pool, a children swimming pool, a swimming pool in the shape of a dinosaur footprint with a slide and a spa pool. Your icing on the cake? A Jacuzzi.

2 Refreshment Points

The refreshment area has a terrace and two staples: the Paleo Park Pool Bar and the Paleo Park Restaurant.

Sunbathing Area

3000 square meters that don’t affect the surrounding environment.

Take your class to meet the dinosaurs

The Zemlja zabave Organization organizes different workshops and shows for kindergartens and primary and secondary schools.

A swimming pool with a slide

The new swimming pool in the shape of a dinosaur footprint with a slide. We’re sure your kids will adore it! Come and enjoy it!



Everything you see has been created in total respect of the nature surrounding Bale. The environment is a resource for everyone, and the landscape has remained exactly the same.