Among the farmsteads by bicycle

Setting off to discover the Stanzie.

Getting around on a bike during your holiday is an experience you might like to seriously consider. We are sure that your cycling excursions through the Municipality of Bale-Valle will be unforgettable. Using a bicycle, you will be able to freely roam around an area of 82 square kilometres, constantly immersed in a natural environment among countless old rural homesteads characterised by typical architectural forms and structures and which are locally referred to as stanzie.

For local country folk the farmhouses – or stanzie – were domestic retreats but they were of course also seen as the true heart of their agricultural activities. In the past the homesteads were run by entire families and managed in a fully autonomous manner. In this way the farms and agricultural undertakings were totally self-sufficient.

Meet the tradition.

Many of the stanzie have been renovated and in these modern times are renowned for the production of exceptional olive oils, including those produced from the indigenous Busa olive variety. Stanzie totally dedicated to safeguarding the native Malvasia Teran vines are also increasingly frequent.

Especially during low-season periods it is very likely you will come across farmers or olive growers engaged in harvesting activities.

Once fatigue starts to set in, head down towards the centre of the town to have a taste of a little freshly-crushed must or some extra-virgin olive oil, perhaps even directly from a vat or the mill so as to have a taste once again of the fruits you collected yourself during your rides through the country. Remember to carefully explore all of the sites and areas indicated on the cycle map to discover each day a new part of the splendid district of Bale-Valle and the Mon Perin resort.