Aperi Bale Valle: aperitif in the town courtyards

When you get to the churchyard you already feel the need to stop a little and think about what you’ve seen and perhaps have an aperitif, which is just what you need. Just a few steps more and you find yourself in a courtyard of the town in one of its unique bars or in a tasting space for a cool aperitif perhaps in the company of a few inhabitants of Bale Valle, who tell you some more funny stories about its history.

Yes, because the town’s cool aperitif package definitely includes a few warm-hearted chats with random people who know everything there is to know about hospitality. If you decide to leave the Castrum, but remain in the town, by following the road going downwards, you get to the square of the municipality which for you turns into a large courtyard and you stop at the Art Cafe’ where you can enjoy the view of the Castle and the Town Hall.

Your aperitif, accompanied by a smile, will perhaps introduce you to one of the painters or sculptors who exhibit in Castle Bembo at the Art House Monperin and who had already picked this place as the ideal spot for a coffee a long time ago.

Not satisfied yet? The treats on offer continue, with a home-made gelato shop, or perhaps you’d prefer a glass of vintage wine? A few steps along the road and you’re in another two of the town’s courtyards, between a church with splendid frescos and the view of Val della Musa, a green oasis right in the centre of town where this time a butterfly might come and keep you company by resting near your glass. Now you’re ready to make new discoveries in the rest of the town