Fresh Market

Ten hectares of splendid red soil.

Freshness is the order of the day at the Fresh Market garden. In the Mon Perin Campsite you can pick local fresh fruit and vegetables free of charge to start benefiting from a healthy diet of natural foods.

Ten hectares of soil made available by nature are dedicated to the cultivation of crops that every guest can freely harvest as long as general good manners are observed.

The cycle of the seasons.

Naturally, the cultivation of local food crops follows the rhythms of the seasons and landscapes. Make a feast of beetroots, spinach, watermelons, melons, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, lettuce, rocket, potatoes, onions and peas in Bale.

As you can read, there’s everything and more. Now you just need to savour the delights while on holiday.

The Mon Perin Fresh Market is located halfway between the reception and the beach in Colona, just before the Albachiara Ranch.

Our land is waiting just for you.