Villas in the historical centre of Bale Valle

But first, we should say that Bale Valle which spans a territory of over eighty square kilometres and has a population of only fifteen thousand inhabitants per square kilometre, becomes, overall, by inertia, a large historical centre, and everything built on the outskirts of the real historical centre becomes an integral part of it.

A spectacular villa a two-minute stroll away from the hilltop of Mon Perin is not in the suburb of Bale Valle but the logical extension of the historical centre, the expansion of the town’s kale, or passageways.

The swimming pools are the natural continuation of the wells in the culture of water as the precious element of a history that is proud to boast an immaculate coastline and springs on the surrounding hills. What was once a rural farm used for agricultural activities has today become a luxurious villa with large spaces for relaxation, offering the momentary “tenant” of the farm the conveniences and comfort he needs for his stay interposed with the environment and out of sync in its techniques and technologies of a whole millennium. Straw mattresses have been replaced by anatomical ones, information from the town square by news from forums accessible with ultra-high speed connectivity, dirt tracks by a little train that practically pulls up to your villa and takes you to the beach, where new surprises await you every day.