What is Mon Perin?

The Mon Perin Company was therefore founded by more than 900 shareholders (of which 400 are the inhabitants of this region) and by the Bale-Valle municipality, and they own the preference shares in the company.

The uniqueness of the management model of this public limited company ensures the full distribution of decision making authority between the municipality and the inhabitants, giving everyone an opportunity to be actively involved in the changes they wish to see in their region and in their community.

The inhabitants of Bale Valle, as well as the “friends of Bale Valle”, have, through the Company, been given an opportunity to turn hope into reality: to rediscover, re-evaluate and expand the resources and the potentials of their town, both the ones already known, and the ones that yet need to be discovered.

The company Mon Perin d.o.o. really wants to be a way of thinking and seeing the future by uniting strengths and resources through synergy.

Our vision: to return the smile on the faces of the inhabitants of Bale Valle

From the first moment, our vision was a social entrepreneurship: our ownership structure provides for investment models that aim at providing support to the locals, with special focus on the young people and providing employment to the local population.

Our mission: to return Bale Valle to its Golden Era

“Go Local” is a new approach to development which represents the basis for Bale-Valle’s new ascent.

Our goal is to discover, bring to life, use, and re-evaluate the local resources and the potential of our region, which spent too much time outside of the state’s economic flows.

We wish to support and initiate development, starting from the socio-economic, cultural-historical, and, above all, human values of the local community.

We encourage the involvement of the locals and local associations in the preparation and implementation of development projects which, year-by-year, restore the splendour of our small town.

The objectives of our approach

– To take responsibility for our development.
– To achieve cooperation and active participation of the whole local community.
– To ensure coordination of local companies in doing business, in order to guarantee for the secure functioning of our economic model, regardless of market risks in the wider region.
– To establish active cooperation with the state and regional authorities, and to abandon the policy of waiting and emulating.

How do we operate?

We operate in order to achieve consensus and the cooperation of the community regarding the topics of future development, while guaranteeing the transparency of our work and the openness to external suggestions, whether coming from the inhabitants of Bale Valle or the “friends of Bale Valle”.


Local self-sufficiency, aided and supported by Mon Perin, encompasses and funds the citizens’ associations, which voluntarily take on the role of initiators, promoters, managers, interlocutors and main coordinators of development-oriented activities.

The inhabitants of Bale Valle represent the main wealth of the town, and constitute the internal initiators of change.

Each of them knows the history, reality, values and resources of the region in which they were born and raised, but also, and in equal measure, the reality of strong values based on tradition and common aspirations for growth. Therefore, we include the local institutions and inhabitants in our activities so they could always be an active component of Bale-Valle’s development.