Mon Perin

A rebirth project

All of Bale-Valle residents are Mon Perin

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When unity is strength

Mon Perin is a sustainable participatory entrepreneurship idea, born to promote the beauty of this land. Everyone’s dream that grows every day.



Bale-Valle’s town was less and less inhabited and its coast abandoned. In this difficult moment, the Friends of Bale Valle came together and believed in a dream: promoting the beauty of this territory.

Mon Perin is property of Bale Valle’s residents: this shared ownership has improved the life of the people who love their land and want to see it bloom again.



Anyone who stays at Mon Perin supports Bale-Valle’s residents.
5% of profits is donated to the town to: support free services, such as schools and daycares; finance business projects; promote the Coast, Countryside and Town activities; help young people buy their first home.

20% of the cash flows of the Bale-Valle Municipality comes from Mon Perin.



One of Mon Perin’s goals is promoting the Coast, Countryside and Town’s natural and cultural gems.

For the Friends of Bale-Valle, bringing back the past is important as living the present. Evidence of this is the Fresh Market, an activity that supports local farmers and makes their products known.

The future? We build it day by day, with projects addressed to young people. For instance, the partnership with the University of Architecture, to renovate the historical centre’s accommodations and create the Scattered Hotel.

Mon Perin’s history as told by those who are writing it

Mon Perin
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Mon Perin
the present

Mon Perin
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