Athletic activity and relaxation: visits to the gym and sauna baths at Bale

A gym where you can relax?

Most people would say it’s a good idea. Relaxing after a stressful day at work is often a necessity and can become a consolidated ritual. Nowadays it’s not so difficult to engage in these activities as there are wellness centres everywhere.

When people go on holiday though, having a nearby facility where it’s possible to continue these daily habits is definitely a bonus. At Bale the difference lies not in the kind of gymnastic or relaxation techniques that are proposed locally but in the actual place where you go to unwind and cool out. We do not know how many people can actually boast of having engaged in gymnastics and relaxing in the most beautiful gym in the world. You may think we’re exaggerating … well, actually, we’re not, because our wellness centre is located at a sports centre, which, in 2008, was rated at the highest level in the category of sports facilities at the first World Architecture Festival held in Barcelona.

It was a highly competitive scenario, given that the structures participating included facilities of the Wembley Stadium in London and the Beijing ‘Watercube’ National Aquatics Centre. Among these outstanding buildings and international symbols of the sporting world, the Bale Sports Hall was awarded the first prize.

Now, to blow our trumpet just a bit more we might add a few more details for those who would like to come here to relax. The Sports Hall project was undertaken by the world-famous 3LHD Architecture Studio in Zagreb and the distinction we have mentioned and others that followed, such as the Balanac Hall award, were conferred by way of recognition of the manner in which modern architecture was incorporated in a traditional setting. The outer dry-wall finish was produced using modern technology, and in the façade and the roof stone components were used. The interior spaces are designed in a rational way with a multifunctional approach, and when you enter the building, apart from the availability of the gym equipment installed for fitness activities, the sauna facilities and massage area, there are volleyball, basketball and handball areas. If you enjoy these sports you might also want to take part in a few games.

At Bale, however, the Sports Hall – is not the only place where you can wind down. If you are staying in the town itself you will be close to several beauty salons and other places where you can enjoy a truly relaxing experience, and if you are spending you holiday at the Mon Perin campsite you will find everything you need at the wellness centres and the staff will be ready to assist you, proposing a wide variety of activities to brighten up your holiday.

It’s something worth taking into consideration. And you won’t have to ask … they will inform you about all of the available activities.