Bale-Valle’s Scattered hotel

Today, 28th June 2016, students from Zagreb and Ljubljana Universities are coming to our Bale-Valle to present their projects on the most appropriate ways to bring to life the concept of “scattered hotel” in our small but ancient village. They are not the first group of students working on this grand and ambitious project. In fact, students from IUAV – Venice and Wien Universities already presented their own interesting projects in February 2016. The aim of the project is to develop the village’s medieval centre, relaunch its beautiful but often underestimated area and empower the Valle’s historic and unique buildings. The architecture departments of these universities have a deep interest in both the town’s historic importance and in the innovation and sustainability of the “scattered hotel”, especially for Croatia’s economic development. What is a “scattered hotel”? It is an innovative concept of hospitality. It was conceived after an earthquake in 1976 in Carnia (Italy), when the reconstruction of the damaged urban pattern evolved from single-purpose-buildings into multifunctional ones. This meant that any restored building could serve both as a home and a hotel. Today, for Bale-Valle, the aim of the “scattered hotel” is to decentralize rooms for rent and integrate them in historic buildings. In this way, the entire hamlet will work together as a hotel and as a town. Bembo’s Castle will serve as the reception, the white stone streets will be the hotel corridors, the houses will be the rooms and the citizens will be the staff. Mon Perin wants strongly to head this way: we want to offer our visitors a unique, complete and immersive experience of Istrian hospitality by giving them the privilege of living in Valle homes, sharing the products of our land, immersing themselves in our magnificent landscapes and getting involved in our culture and our hearts. We see a brilliant future in which tourists consider this place as their home and where we can be proud to share something unique with everyone.