Birdwatching wetlands

The Bay of Palud (Palù), located five kilometres north-west of the Bale’s Mon Perin campsite, is the site of the only bird reserve in Istria. Palud is a wetland area formed through waters flowing in from the surrounding hills, valleys and northern springs.

In 1906, during the existence of the Austro-Hungarian military base in Barbariga, the wetland area was connected to the sea by a 200 meter long canal for the purpose of increasing water salinity and thus preventing the development of mosquito larvae, transmitters of malaria. By connecting the sea and the swamp, Palud started attracting brackish water fish species such as mullets and eels.

Ornithologists have identified over 200 species of birds in the Palud area, and spring and autumn migrations represent an excellent opportunity for observing a wide range of birds.

Thanks to the ban on hunting, the reserve area provides a rich habitat of pheasants, grey partridges and quails. Along with downy oak and holm-oak, in the indigenous dense forests live and nest various species of wild ducks, water hens, grebes and snipes, warbles (sparrow-like birds), orioles, woodpeckers and many others.

The northern part of Palud hides a true grove of sparrows. Seagulls nest on the islets. Further along the path there is a hide which provides the perfect opportunity to view birds in their natural habitat and observe how they feed, nest, rest or socialize.

This birdwatching site offers a truly unique experience and is absolutely a must-see for anyone visiting Bale.

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