The town’s past is revived in the luxury concept of the dispersed hotel

A town featuring roads cobbled with “yellow Istrian stone”, so specific and “important” that Venice chose it for its unrivalled colour, texture and versatile production process.

Concentric city walls designed so well that they could be an impenetrable fortification, the. “Castrum Vallis”, manned by soldiers who protected the merchants on the salt roads from Pula to Aquileia and Venice.

A summit, like that of Mon Perin where the majestic church expresses the Catholic tradition of a strong devotion to its patron, Beato Giliano, “el nostro san Zujan”.

Every stone oozes with past and tradition, charmingly transformed into luxury lodgings that retain the intrinsic value of modernity and tradition and become a human-friendly living environment. Here the past is relived. Here the guest becomes a fundamental element of a new story over two millenniums old and the catalyst between history and life.
In the kale you can breathe in luxury perfectly integrated in the everydayness of simple flavours and of the human warmth produced by the inhabitants who naturally adopt rather than welcome the guest, and make him as part of the family of Bale-Valle that has been around for a thousand years. Finally, far from home, a new sense of belonging.